Aria: Die Eifersucht ist eine Plage

Composer: Lortzing Albert

Opera: Zar und Zimmermann

Role: Marie (Soprano)

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Er ist so gut, so brav und bieder. Marie. Der Waffenschmied. LortzingWir armen, armen Mädchen. Marie. Der Waffenschmied. LortzingLieblich röten sich die Wangen. Marie. Zar und Zimmermann. LortzingHymen, viens dissiper (O Amore, vieni a me). Dircé (Glauce). Médée. CherubiniQui te fiat si sévère. Thaïs. Thaïs. MassenetUn lusinghiero dolce pensiero. Rossane. Alessandro. HandelNobles seigneurs, salut!. Les Huguenots. MeyerbeerCol sorriso d'innocenza. Imogene. Il pirata. BelliniFà quanto vuoi, li scherni tuoi. Poppea. Agrippina. HandelChi m'insegna il caro padre?. Oberto. Alcina. Handel
Zar und Zimmermann (Tsar and Carpenter) is a comic opera in three acts, music by Albert Lortzing, libretto by the composer after Georg Christian Römer's Der Bürgermeister von Saardam, oder Die zwei Peter, itself based on the French play Le Bourgmestre de Saardam, ou Les deux Pierre by Mélésville, Jean-Toussaint Merle, and Eugène Centiran de Boirie. Ultimately, it goes back to the historical Grand Embassy of Peter the Great. Gaetano Donizetti had set the same story in his 1827 opera Il borgomastro di Saardam.
The opera was first performed at the Stadttheater in Leipzig, on 22 December 1837. Lortzing's most successful and enduring work, it is still regularly performed in German-speaking countries.
The action takes place in Saardam, Holland, in 1698.
Peter the Great of Russia, disguised as Peter Michaelov, a common laborer, is working in a shipyard in the Dutch town of Saardam, to learn shipbuilding techniques for his navy. He befriends a fellow Russian also working in the yard, Peter Ivanov, a deserter from the Russian army. Peter Ivanov is in love with Marie, the niece of Van Bett, the Burgomaster of Saardam. Tsar Peter is told of trouble in Russia, and decides to return home.
Van Bett has been told to find a foreigner named Peter in the shipyard. The English ambassador, Syndham, and the French ambassador, Chateauneuf, have both heard the rumor of Tsar Peter's disguised presence and are looking for him, which convinces Van Bett that "Peter" is an important man. But in confusion, he identifies the wrong Peter. Chateauneuf recognises the real Tsar, and concludes an alliance with him. Syndham is fooled and presents Peter Ivanov with a passport.
Van Bett, very confused, salutes Peter Ivanov with an elaborate ceremony. Peter Ivanov gives the passport to Tsar Peter, who uses it to leave quietly, having first blessed Peter Ivanov's marriage to Marie, and appointed him to a high office in Russia.