Aria: Otets! kak pered bogom

Composer: Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich

Opera: The Oprichnik

Role: Natalya (Soprano)

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Uzhasnaya svershayetsya sud'ba. Agnès Sorel. The Maid of Orleans. TchaikovskyDa, chas nastal!. Joan of Arc. The Maid of Orleans. TchaikovskyIsh' ty, kakaya V'yuga. Oksana. Cherevichki. TchaikovskyUtzh polnoch blizitsya... Ach, istomilas ja gorem (Lisa's Scene and Arioso). Lisa. The Queen of Spades. TchaikovskyKakoy To vlast'yu neponyatnoy. Mariya. Mazeppa. TchaikovskyPuskai pogibnu (Tatiana's Letter Scene). Tatiana. Eugene Onegin. TchaikovskyVy, sonmy angelov nebesnykh. Joan of Arc. The Maid of Orleans. TchaikovskyOtkuda eti slezy, zachem one?. Lisa. The Queen of Spades. TchaikovskyGlyanut' s Nizhnego. Nastasya (Kuma). The Enchantress. TchaikovskyGde zhe ty, moy zhelannyy. Nastasya (Kuma). The Enchantress. Tchaikovsky
The Oprichnik or The Guardsman (Russian: Опричник listen (help·info)) is an opera in 4 acts, 5 scenes, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to his own libretto after the tragedy The Oprichniks (Russian: Опричники) by Ivan Lazhechnikov (1792–1869). The subject of the opera is the oprichniks. It is set in Ivan the Terrible's court during the oprichnina times (1565–1573).
Tchaikovsky worked on the opera from February 1870 - March 1872. It includes music from his early opera The Voyevoda (1869). The work is dedicated to the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich Romanov. It was given its premiere performance at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg on 24 April 1874, followed by the Moscow premiere on 16 May 1874 at the Bolshoi Theatre.
Source: Tchaikovsky Research
Note: The entr'acte to Act II may have been written and scored by Vladimir Shilovsky.[1]
Arrangements by the composer