H.M.S. Pinafore

Arthur Sullivan

Vocal score

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Vocal Score of selected piecesColor Cover
I am the captain of Pinafore
When I was a lad
I am called Little Buttercup
Sorry her lot
The nightingale
A maiden fair to see
We sail the ocean blue
Hail! men-o-wars-men
Aye, Little Buttercup - and well called
But tell me who's the youth
Ah, my poor lad, you've climbed too high
My gallant crew, good morning
Sir, you are sad
My child, I grieve to see that you are a prey
Over the bright blue sea
I am the monarch of the sea
You've a remarkably fine crew
For I hold that on seas
Ah! Sir Joseph's a true gentleman
A British tar is a soaring soul
It is useless - Sir Joseph's attentions nauseate me
Refrain, audacious tar
Can I survive this overbearing?
Messmates a-hoy! come here!
Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen
Forbear, nor carry out the scheme you've plann'd
Let's give three cheers for the sailor's bride
Fair moon to thee I sing
The hours creep on apace
A many years ago
How sweetly he carols forth his melody
Things are seldom what they seem
Incomprehensible as her utterances are
Madam, it has been represented to me
Nevermind the why and wherefore
Sir Joseph, I cannot express to you
Kind Captain, I've important information
Dick Deadeye - I thank you for your timely warning
Carefully on tiptoe stealing
Pretty daughter of mine
In uttering a reprobation
Now, tell me, my fine fellow
Farewell, my own
My pain and my distress
Then I am to understand
A Simple Sailor Lowly Born