The Sorcerer

Arthur Sullivan

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Ring forth ye bells
Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression?
When he is here
The air is charged with amatory numbers
Time was when Love and I were well acquainted
Sir Marmaduke, my dear young friend Alexis
With heart and with voice
My kindly friends
Happy young heart
My child, I join in these congratulations
With heart and with voice
Welcome, joy!
All is prepared
With heart and with voice
Love feeds on many kinds of food
For Love Alone
My name is John Wellington Wells
Sprites of earth and air
Let us fly to a far-off land
Now to the banquet we press
Eat, drink and be gay (The Tea-Cup Brindisi)
Oh love, true love
Oh marvellous illusion
Happy are we in our loving frivolity
Tis twelve, I think
Dear friends, take pity on my lot
Thou hast the pow'r thy vaunted love
It Is Not Love
I rejoice that it's decided
Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells
Alexis! Doubt me not, my loved one
Oh, my voice is sad and low
Engaged to So-and-So
Oh, joyous boon! oh, mad delight
Prepare for sad surprises
Or he or I must die