William Ratcliff

César Cui

Arias (sheet music for voice and piano):

Douglas (Tenor)

Douglas's Narrative

Lesley (Tenor)

Lesley's Song

MacGregor (Bass)

MacGregor's Narrative

Margaret (Mezzo)

Margaret's Narrative

Mary (Soprano)

Mary's First RomanzaMary's Second Romanza

William Ratcliff (Baritone)

Ratcliff's Narrative

Title page and preliminariesIntroductionEntr'acte (to Act III)Act I, Tableau 1, Scene 1a. Wedding Chorus and BlessingAct I, Tableau 1, Scene 1b. Mary's Romance and Douglas' NarrativeAct 1, Tableau 1, Scene 2. MacGregor's NarrativeAct I, Tableau 2 (=Scene 3 of Act I)Act II, Tableau 1, Scene 1. Entr'acte, Dances, and ChorusAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 2. Scene with the DrunkAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 3. Lesley's SongAct II, Tableau 1, Scene 4. Ratcliff's NarrativeAct III, Scene 1a. Mary's [2nd RomanceAct III, Scene 1b. Margaret's NarrativeAct III, Scene 2. [Love DuetAct III, Last Scene