Dido and Aeneas

Henry Purcell

Vocal score

"Dido and Aeneas" PDF 6Mb

36. Thy Hand, Belinda; 37. When I am Laid in Earth
Shake the cloud from off your brow
Ah! Belinda I am prest
Grief increases by concealing
When monarchs unite
Whence could so much virtue spring
Fear no danger to ensue
Bask dance
See our royal guest appears
Cupid only throws the dart
If not for mine for Empire's sake
Pursue thy conquest love
To the hills and the vales
The triumphing dance
Wayward sisters you that fright
Harm's our delight
The Queen of Carthage
Ho ho ho
Ruin'd ere the set of sun
But ere we this perform
In our deep vaulted cell
Echo dance of furies
Thanks to these lonesome vales
Oft she visits this loved mountain
Behold upon my bending spear
Haste haste to town
Stay Prince and hear
Then since our chorus have sped
Grove's dance
Come away fellow sailors
Sailer's dance
See see the flags
Our next motion
Destruction's our delight
Witches dance
But death alas I cannot shun
Great minds against themselves
Thy hand Belinda when I am laid
When I am laid in earth (Dido's Lament)
With drooping wings Cupids come
Cupic's dance